Please send a whatsapp message with your username and the number of points,  after you have collected 1000 LIAMs to this number.
We will review your points and provide you with the discount code.

يرجى ارسال رسالة على الواتساب باسم للمستخدم و عدد النقاط بعد أن تكون قد جمعت 1000 ليام إلى هذا الرقم لتأخذ كوبون الخصم لتتمكن من الشراء

سوف نقوم بمراجعة النقاط و تزويدك بكوبون الخصم

LIAM – Whatsapp (+962-79-1305808)

  • 20 pc – Home Made Mamoul

    You will be getting 20 Homemade Mamoul peaces from the finest local production kitchens.

    You will be needing 350 LIAMS in order to get this item.

  • 3 Months Discounts on Orange Fiber Services

    This is a 3 Months discount on Orange Fiber Services.

    You will be needing 3000 LIAMs to get this discount.

  • 3D Modelling Services

    Do you want to build a 3D model for printing or design. This collection of 3D models will of a great assistance.

    You will be needing 4000 LIAMs to get this item.

  • A Collection of Board Games Designs

    A collection of board games designs that will help you in designing your next game.

    You will be needing 3000 LIAMs to get this item.

  • Discounts!!

    Enjoy great discounts from adventures-first and enjoy exceptional experiences that will make you live unforgettable experiences. share you videos with the world and enjoy exceptional and unforgettable vibe.

    In addition to unique and exceptional experiences, adventures first provide you with supporting media reach and great discounts on your hotel our furnished flat accommodations. Perfect for honeymoon and relationship renewal times as much as having a great and exceptionally fun time with the family.

    You will be needing 2000 LIAMs to enjoy a personalized experience.

  • Animation Tricks – Super Productivity

    This is a group of Animation making trick and assets that will help you to boost your animation making performance.

    You will be needing 2500 LIAMS. 

  • Art and Craft Lessons

    This is an ART and CRAFT Lesson that will help you ….

    This is a general art lesson, but you will be able to create useful and great things and put them in the market.

    You will be needing 1000 LIAMs to get this item.

  • Books Review

    Did you really want to read a lot of books in a short period of time, our books reviewer provide a high quality summary that will let you comprehend the most sophisticated product ideas.

    You will be needing 600 LIAMs to get 3 books review.

  • Building Materials Consultation

    Building Materials Consultation, you might need to procure some materials for your new project, if you need advice on some of the materials you can get their sources and calculations, you can take to our buildings materials specialist.

    You will be needing 4000 LIAMs to get this service.

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